about josie
Mom of 4. 
Reality TV addict. 
Food makes Me Happy. 
I've been hanging out online since 2010.
I can honestly say I "accidentally" found my calling (or at least what I thought my calling was at the time) because I literally had NO clue what it meant to be a marketer. 
I started as a blogger who wanted to share my journey as a stay at home mom. My blog grew into a legitimate, full-time income  within a year. 
After 7 years - I grossed $650,000 through partnerships, ad revenue and sponsors. 
So why are you wasting your time with ads, Josie? 
Because while my success was great - I believe it took me WAY too long to get there.  I don't want you to spend years getting to where you want to be with your business. 
Organic Leads + Facebook Advertising = A catapult for your business!  
REAL strategy behind your ad campaigns. 
I LOVE helping others build their business. It's what I long for and absolutely love seeing others KILL it. 
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